Main features:

  • Intuitive operation
  • Easy to define new objects (pallets of goods)
  • The ability to add your own size loading area
  • Print a report for the people involved in loading the car
  • Export to pdf file
  • Loading templates
  • The user can optimally arrange the goods on the car, filling up the car cubature
  • Multilanguage interface : Polish, English, Spanish
  • The program has been tested by one of the suppliers to the largest furniture manufacturing company in Sweden.


The Program  LomselTruckLoader is very easy in use. It contains the following elements:

  1. The main window. Here on the tab 'Product 1' are the buttons of defined products (their names and dimensions in millimeters) and on the tab 'Description' are the buttons to help create additional descriptions of the simulation. You can add a main description, the header and arrows.

    • screen_en_01
    • screen_en_01a

  2. The design window. The design window contains a grey box. This field is in the size of a standard semi-trailer in a scale 1:50. A white box is a 'paper card', where you can add text descriptions. Each object, which is located on the "trailer" you can move and change its size.

    • screen_en_02
    • screen_en_03
    • screen_en_04
    • screen_en_05

  3. The print preview window. That window shows a preview of the loading project before printing.

    • screen_en_07

  4. The settings window. The settings windows allows you to define the size of pallets. You can define 90 pallets which appear on the ‘Product 1’ tab, 'Product 2' tab and next. To define a new pallet simple fill in the needed data in a ‘Add products’.

    • screen_en_08
    • screen_en_09

  5. The settings windows allows you to define the size of the semitrailer, too. The defined sizes appear on a Toolbar as a dropdown list."

    • NaczepyEn

When a program was created we assumed that a single element on a "trailer" corresponds with two the same pallets laid out one upon the other. Of course, on a pallet can be placed more different (eg. lower) pallets, and additionally add a description to help loading.

  • screen_en_05




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